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Bali Brothers – Publishing the script as a book

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BALI BROTHERS – Publishing the film script as a book Scripts are usual secret documents that are only shared initially with actors, department heads and financiers. I took quite an opposite approach and just published the script which is now available in all bookstores and on Amazon BEFORE the film has been made. This is [...]

What Film Students Want to Know

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Melinda Burns is a film student at the University of Iowa. She had an assignment to do an industry report and interview someone. She picked me. Here are her questions and my replies. 1) What is your educational background? What did you focus on in school, and how has it helped you in your career? [...]

BALI BROTHERS – Publishing the film script as a book

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If you are having trouble getting your script produced – publish it as a book!

Finding the Right Writing Partner by Claudia Johnson & Matt Stevens

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This article posted with permission from The Writers Store. ( Some of the greatest movies and TV series have been written by script partners, from Billy Wilder’s legendary collaborations with Charles Brackett and I.A.L. Diamond to the Academy Award-winning work of the Coen Brothers. Each year the list of script partners and their successes grows [...]