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Testimonials blog Michael Wiese Productions is the number one publisher of books for screenwriters and indie filmmakers in the world.   Highly recommended!  -Taylor

Testimonials blog “Michael is a life-changing publisher/director/producer who has great expectations and provides ongoing support and opportunity to all the people he comes in contact to and identifies as authors, friends, and/or filmmakers. He is an extraordinary human being who is always humming with ideas and sharing them with people in ways that enrich their lives and send them off in unexpected directions. Working with Michael and his right-hand man editor Ken Lee has been one of the best professional relationships that I've experienced. If you have a chance to take one of his seminars or be part of his circle in any way, drop everything and do it.” September 6, 2009

Gael Chandler , Author: Cut by Cut: How to Edit Your Film or Video , Michael Wiese Productions (Publisher)

Gael Chandler
Testimonials blog “Michael is a real pro in everything he does; efficient and with vision. Good to have in your network.”

Julian Friedmann , Director, Publisher, Editor, ScriptWriter Magazine

Julian Friedmann
Testimonials blog “Michael is a hard-working book publisher and filmmaker with a sense of ethics. He offers creative artists a variety of opportunities to express themselves and his company supports their work through long-range global efforts. If you have a great idea for a project dealing with film, video or new media I recommend that you send him a proposal.” April 14, 2009

Marcie Begleiter , Author, Michael Wiese Productions

Marcie Begleiter
Testimonials blog “Before I ever met Michael, I was purchasing many of the film books offered by his company and loving them. My interest in all things Himalayan led me to his film "Sacred Sites of the Dali Lamas", which I recommended to The Atlanta Film Festival. Since then, I've read his Bali screenplay and found it to be fascinating and very marketable. I can't wait for the opportunity to work with him on more than brainstorming marketing ideas for a film already completed. He's smart, understands the business as well as anyone, and has the drive and talent to create beautiful works of artful commerce.”

Linda Burns , Owner, Plexus Pictures

Linda Burns
Testimonials blog “Michael Wiese is a fabulous publisher. In 2003 he published my book, “First Time Director – How to Make Your Breakthrough Movie.” He was everything I would hope for in a publisher. Writing a book is a daunting task and Michael gave me much needed support every step of the way. He encouraged me and gave direction to my thinking, whenever it was needed. He told me what to cut out and what to compress. He helped me shape my ideas into a product that he could sell. When the book was done, he did a brilliant job of putting it out and promoting it. He provided me with a proof-reader who was a joy to work with, and who successfully eliminated every typo, misspelling and grammatical error from the manuscript. The cover art and design of the text and illustrations was classy and eye-pleasing. And Michael and his very savvy partner, Ken Lee, knew just how to market the book to its target audience. In addition, Michael has been unfailingly honest and fair in all of our business dealings. I have recommended him as a publisher to all of my colleagues in academia and the film industry who want to publish a how-to book on filmmaking. One, David Worth, has recently published a book through Michael Wiese Productions, and another, Ross Brown, has a contract with Michael and is currently completing his manuscript. They both report to me that my glowing assessment of Michael as a publisher is 100% accurate and thank me repeatedly for referring them to him.” January 18, 2009

Gil Bettman , Professor, Chapman University

Gil Bettman
Testimonials blog “Michael, as a filmmaker himself, understands more than other publishers the artistry of TV and filmmaking. It was my great pleasure and honor to have him and MWP publish my humor how-to, WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT? The creative freedom and support he gave me were idyllic.” Ja

Brad Schreiber , Vice President, Storytech Literary Consulting

Brad Schreiber
Testimonials blog “Michael is that rare media professional who is driven by a vision bigger than himself; an artist and businessman who is willing to take risks to create something fresh and meaningful or support those who are; someone who cares not just about the project but the people involved and the people who will be touched by the work. It has been my honor and pleasure to work with him and I can't recommend him enough!”

Derek Rydall , Owner,

Derek Rydall
Testimonials blog “From an author’s perspective, working with Michael and his wonderful team at MWP is a pleasure from beginning to end. Clear communication, unwavering support and deep commitment to creating quality books in a field which he knows and loves are key qualities which Michael brings to the table. In a professional relationship which goes back to 2004, I have found Michael and Ken Lee to be patient, consistent and willing to work in detail with authors towards producing books about which everyone involved can feel proud. Ellen Besen, author Animation Unleashed, Michael Wiese Productions”

Ellen Besen , Owner, The Zachary Schwartz Institute for Animation Filmmaking

Ellen Besen
Testimonials blog

“I first met Michael when he was at Vestron Video and I was Editorial Director/Publisher at Videography magazine....some 30 years ago. Over the years we have both travelled many career paths, but Michael continues to amaze and inspire me in his chosen roles as successful book publisher, filmmaker and entrepreneur. What began has a professional relationship grew into a friendship that remains to this day. I won't list his credentials. You can find those elsewhere. What I will gladly attest to is his character, creativity, and loyalty. In short, a good man.”

John Rice , Publisher/Editorial Director, PSN/Media Horizons

John Rice