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Film and Video Budgets

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Film and Video Budgets 5th Edition is the ‘industry bible’ when it comes to budgets.  The book explains every line item you may expect to encounter and walks you through the budgeting process.  We like to say ‘it gets you 80% of the way’.

We make the budget templates available to you for free.  For greater understanding, the book explains each and every budget of the many budgets in the book.  From these Excel formats you can easily customize your own budgets and save you hundreds of hours of research and inputting numbers.  It’s the fast track to knowing what your film, documentary, digital feature, music video or student film is going to cost.

And that’s not all!  Our new book, Getting the Money, takes you step by step through the process of creating a business plan for your film.  The financial template is provided here for free so you and your investors can have a clear understanding of how a film’s investment is returned. Again, like the budget template, you can customize this template for your own film’s business plan.

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Film and Video Budgets budgets

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