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Cannes? Not this year.

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Cannes is going on right now. I’ve been 5 or 6 times and decided to pass this year even though my sales agent is screening THE SACRED SITES OF THE DALAI LAMAS in the film market. But I’ve been to the film market screenings and its too painful to sit in a large theater with only half a dozen people – the first six of whom walk out before 10 minutes have lapsed. But this is not necessarily to be interrupted that they hate your film, just that they “got it” and have another screening to go to. Still, this screening environmnet is too hard on delicate filmmakers.

This is in contrast to the screening I had on The Lizard (in Cornwall) last week. A group of about 20 people had requested a screening as a benefit for a Tibetan cause. Everyone sat silently after the film ended – perhaps not wanting it to end. A great feeling. Most bought DVDs to share with other groups. Even today – a week later- I got a call from someone who said she can’t keep it out of her mind and wanted to order a copy. This is the way it is suppose to work – word of mouth which builds and builds.

I was in London last week for 2 days meeting with financiers and a post production facility. The financiers are more money lenders who will loan money against the tax refund that qualifying UK films receive. The bad news is that this is expensive money (15-18%) but the good news is that no equity is attached so you can pass on the benefits to your investors.

Until we’ve financed BALI BROTHERS we can’t start. So we had to scrap the August start date and are now looking at October. I am also waiting on a friend to close a film fund which seems to have dragged on for months.

Still there is lots to do. We are still trying to cast a “name” for one of the lessor roles. And that’s part of the problem. A “name” wants a big role not a small role. We are pitching an Oscar nominee as well. Fingers crossed.

So in August I’ll be in Rockport Maine teaching a producing master class. It’s a terrific environment and a great time is had by all.

Independent Filmmaking Workshop

Actor Phil Barantini visited Cornwall a few weeks ago and I showed him the sights. Phil plays one of the leads in Bali Brothers along with Leo Gregory. Leo didn’t come as he was busy filming THE BIG I AM where he has the lead role. Apparently on the first day of shooting someone threw a bag at him in a scene and it broke his nose in three places. He told me he’s alright now and filming as resumed. Leo is heating up with leads in three features already this year.

On the publishing front we just got a book proposal for a very intelligent horror book which we are reviewing. Hmmm. Just maybe.

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